A Super Trader’s Discipline.

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The Super Trader ‘Discipline’ PDF. Super Day Trader Discipline. Downloadable Full PDF Version. The Disciplined Super Trader. What Exactly IS Discipline? Discipline is a HABIT! All ‘Super Traders’ have self discipline. Without discipline you cannot achieve success, in any field. I will say this again; “WITHOUT DISCIPLINE YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS, IN ANY FIELD.” Having … Continue reading “A Super Trader’s Discipline.”

Meditation Part 2 – HOW

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Meditation For Traders – Pt2- How? How Super Traders Meditate. How Do Super Traders Meditate? Downloadable Full PDF Version. When The Surface Of A Lake Is Still, One Can See To The Very Bottom Very Clearly. This Is Impossible When The Surface Is Agitated By Wave. In The Same Way, When The Mind Is Still, … Continue reading “Meditation Part 2 – HOW”

Meditation Part1 – Why Meditate?

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Meditation For Traders – Pt1- Why? Why Super Traders Meditate. Why Do Super Traders Meditate? Downloadable Full PDF Version. To be able to duplicate the ‘Super Traders’ nirvana state of trading, ‘The Zone’ one has to create an inner calming state. Through daily meditation practice, this CAN be achieved. It’s a learned skill with the … Continue reading “Meditation Part1 – Why Meditate?”

Super Trader Declaration Card

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Super Trader Declaration Card Super-Trader-Declaration-Card Downloadable Full PDF Version. I have created this; a ‘Super Trader Declaration Card,’ in a standard business card size, it’s dimensions being: (8.5cm by 5.5cm). Feel free to download the PDF Version, then print & cut out these declaration cards. Carry them with you where ever you go. You can … Continue reading “Super Trader Declaration Card”

Super Trader Declarations

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Declarations. Declarations; Masters In Emotion. Downloadable Full PDF Version. Master’s of Emotion – Declarations ‘Super Traders’ are the Masters & controllers of their Emotions. One of their techniques to obtain & maintain an edge in the trading arena is via the daily practice & use of Declarations. Declarations are an OFFICIAL INTENTION to take all … Continue reading “Super Trader Declarations”

Super Traders Are Visionaries

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Super Traders Are Visionaries ‘Super Traders Are Visionaries.’ Downloadable Full PDF Version. How? Why? Do Probably 3 of the greatest words ever to frequent and grace the English Language. How do ‘Super Traders’ capture large profits, and more importantly, hold onto them? What is a Super Trader’s mind set? Why do ‘Super Traders’ trade in … Continue reading “Super Traders Are Visionaries”

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